Accommodation Pulau Weh Treetop Iboih Sabang TREETOP

Seafront accommodation Pulau Weh Guesthouse & Bungalows
Our accommodation in Pulau Weh is situated five minutes walk from Iboih village with its many shops and restaurants. Its quiet location offers an alternative experience to the often busy village. With only the sounds of nature and the occasional fishing boat passing by it is very peaceful. The construction is eco friendly with very little disruption to the natural environment. Close to the sea there is footpath, stretching along the coast, where you can enjoy a leisurely walk.


Accommodation Pulau Weh Treetop Iboih Sabang Bungalows

The bungalows accommodation Pulau Weh have a small fridge and hot water dispenser, for tea and coffee. All have have hot water showers as standard. They are light and airy with double glass doors leading to the terrace. Surrounded by stunning trees they offer uninterrupted views of the Andaman Sea. Directly in front the reef is in very good condition, due to the lack of human activity.

Our accommodation Pulau Weh is an ideal place to start snorkeling along the coast or just to admire the reef from the shore.


Accommodation Pulau Weh Treetop Iboih Sabang Guesthouse

The luxury guesthouse accommodation Pulau Weh is ideal for family and group bookings. It has two double rooms and one triple room, all with AC. There are also two bathrooms with hot water showers. With Its own private entrance and large terrace, the space is ideal for relaxing after a day’s diving or a tour of the island. There is also a fridge and facilities to make tea and coffee. The terrace is only 20 meters from the sea. Positioned in the tree tops our accommodation Pulau Weh normally has a sea breeze and this combined with its traditional roof construction, ensures that even in the heat of the day it is always very cool and relaxing.

About us

Our accommodation Pulau Weh

The Guesthouse is run by my wife and I. Originally from the UK, I have been living in Indonesia for six years now. We have two young children, Lilly and Alland and decided to make this beautiful island our home, for reasons that will become obvious if you visit here.

Accommodation Pulau Weh Wiggy & Nona

Wiggy and Nona


Maximum comfort in our accommodation Pulau Weh

Free WiFi

Air conditioning


Hot water dispenser


Hot showers

Parking area


All prices are based on length of stay and are seasonally adjusted.
Bungalows: the seafront bungalows range from Rp 300 000 to Rp 450 000 per night.
Guesthouse: the Luxury guesthouse can be booked as an apartment or as individual rooms. Rooms 1, 2 & 3 range from Rp 250 000 to Rp 400 000 per night. The guesthouse (sleeps seven) ranges from Rp 750.00 to Rp 1,200 000 per night.

Please contact us for prices.
Long stay customers can expect up to 25% discount.


The entire space is well lit, including our parking areas. Our accommodation in Pulau Weh consists of the guesthouse and bungalows. This is in a quiet location where people can appreciate the sounds of nature. Please keep noise (music etc) on a low level especially at night. For your safety the rooms are all fitted with a smoke alarm and so smoking is confined to the terrace area. All activities on the island can be organised. This includes snorkeling trips, diving, fishing and tours of the island.


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